Challenge 2

Why: The future for LA’s 22,000 foster children looks dim. Only 58% of them are expected to graduate high school. Fewer than 8% will go on to receive a bachelor’s degree. Nearly half will end up homeless or incarcerated within 18 months of aging out of the foster care system. They often lack the financial resources and support networks necessary to pursue higher education or vocational training and may struggle to find employment due to a lack of skills and/or experience. We want to change these statistics.

By providing education support and job training programs, we can help foster youth transitioning out of the system gain the skills and knowledge needed to understand what options are available to them when they get older. They can build resilience, and develop a sense of purpose and belonging. By providing solutions to the challenges foster youth face in Los Angeles, we ensure they have the resources and opportunities they need to reach their full potential.

We are looking to support partners who provide education and vocational training programs to LA’s transition-age foster youth.

Grant Recipients

First Star

UCLA Bruin Guardian Scholars Academy

Ready to Succeed

Career Training for Foster Youth

The RightWay Foundation

Operation Emancipation