Mental Health Care for LA’s LGBTQ+ Youth

Challenge 3

Why: LGBTQ+ youth face unique and often challenging emotional and psychological struggles. The journey of self-discovery and acceptance can be particularly taxing for these individuals given the potential societal stigma, discrimination, and lack of understanding they may face. Last year, 45% of LGBTQ+ youth seriously considered attempting suicide. Another 73% reported experiencing symptoms of anxiety, and 58% reported symptoms of depression. 60% of LGBTQ+ youth who needed mental health care in the last year were not able to get it. We want to change these statistics.

By providing access to culturally competent mental health services, we can provide a safe and supportive environment where LGBTQ+ youth can explore their identities, cope with emotional toll of their personal experience, and address issues related to self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. By having accessible mental health services, these young individuals can receive the support they need to live healthier and more fulfilling lives, fostering resilience and a sense of belonging in a society that should embrace and celebrate them for who they are.

We are looking to fund partners who provide dedicated mental health care services to LA’s LGBTQ+ youth.

Applications Open Now Through September 11, 2023